Houseplants are considered something beyond just the eye-candy. They increase the levels of oxygen in any space, be it a rental apartment or a house, making it easier for the residents to breathe clean, fresh air. Plants also help in maintaining humidity in the room, because the considerable amount of water that they drink is released by them back to the air. It is suggested by many studies that keeping houseplants in the apartment can help you focus, quickly recover from the illness, and also decrease any chances to get sick.

Here are some houseplants that you can easily keep alive in your rental unit.

Desert Cacti

If you are a beginner then start here. They can be found in interesting sizes and shapes and hence they will add some nice and decorative element into the room. When you manage to keep the plant alive, it may even be able to generate some blooms as well.

The maintenance of the Cacti can be the easiest thing – they have the survival powers meant for the deserts, after all. Find a nook in your apartments Winstom Salem NC which doesn’t get too much cold and receives much of sun, just like the deserts, for placing these plants. Cacti often grow in summer and spring and hence you should water them a lot during the warmer months. But in winters, they will only need watering if some sort of shriveling is there.


You don’t really think that houseplants can be kept in your Winston Salem apartments? You’d definitely love to have lemongrass. First of all it doesn’t need planting: you just need to purchase a stalk and make sure that the base is intact. Now place what you bought in some cup and pour some water, not more than few inches. New shoots will be produced by the stalk and you can simply trim them and use them in your kitchen. Above all, lemongrass can be fresh and nice to smell.

Spider Plant

The spider plants can be another refuge for you when you are looking for easy to handle plants for your apartment in Winston Salem. Normally striped in white and green, these plants tend to add somewhat refreshing look to your room. Small white-colored flowers are produced by these plants when they get mature.

These plants prefer to be put in sunlight; however, they can be fine enough when placed in the semi-shady areas. You need to water them on a regular basis during summer months; however in winters you can significantly cut back on how much you water them.  One thing that should ensure is that they plants should not be kept in drafty areas.

These are some of the plants that you can keep in your apartment to make the environment lively and fresh. However, you should keep it in mind that you ought to give them their due care.